Since 1997 I have been working with light objects. These consist of a simple wall or floor plate with the means of light and a separate lamp shade. This shade is placed on the wall or floor plate. The lamp shades are made of lamp foil, white silk and a fine paper relief only visible, when unlit, through the shadows cast by daylight . When lit, the relief is a dark silhouette.
I often choose the motifs of the reliefs in such a way that they contrast with the shape of the light object. For instance, spheres protrude optically, or edges seem to be broken.

Rechteckige Wandleuchten,  - Atelier Haberbosch Nürnberg
Rechteckige Wandleuchten

Halbrunde Wandleuchten,  - Atelier Haberbosch Nürnberg
Halbrunde Wandleuchten

Deckenleuchten,  - Atelier Haberbosch Nürnberg

Tischleuchten,  - Atelier Haberbosch Nürnberg