System of the Futuristic Garden

In the beginning were my woven objects. They reminded me of fruit that might well be found in a futuristic garden, so I had the idea to become a creator myself. Gradually new objects have come into existence. These are part of a whole and have been given Latin names after the nomenclature in flora and fauna. The order of the Telales (the woven) consists of many different families and genuses, and obviously of many more species. Classification according to species is still a controversial topic as there is only one individual in each case.

All objects prefer dry, shady places, therefore needing no care apart from the occasional vacuuming. Reproduction is non-sexual and happens exclusively at the loom. The mutations necessary for evolution originate in my head.


Semipulvinaceae,  - Atelier Haberbosch Nürnberg

Planaceae,  - Atelier Haberbosch Nürnberg

Cavaceae, wird nicht angezeigt - Atelier Haberbosch Nürnberg

Crystallaceae, Genus: 

Perforatus - Perforation
Gigaperforatus - Big Perforation
Rugatus - Folding
Gigarugatus - Big Folding - Atelier Haberbosch Nürnberg