About the work

The adaptation of traditional techniques to convey modern content is essential to my work. I consider myself to be a concrete artist.
I'm fascinated by the principle of sequence as found in nature, mathematics and music. My work is based on lines superimposed on one another, thus creating movement or spaces. I create this effect using colour as well as weaving techniques.

Miniature paintings from ancient India that left a deep impression on me during my stay in Pakistan influenced me to also include the surroundings of the picture within my work. But unlike in the miniatures, I do not want to create an additional frame around a picture but deepen the spacial effect by means of different levels. I began to steadily reduce the size of my weavings. This gave me the opportunity to create a large number of variations on the topic of the "rhombus". The individual works are closely hung to create the impression of a frieze of recurring themes. Variety is not obvious until one gives them a closer look.

The "scroll"'s central theme is the "mirror image", for very often things are not what they seem at first sight, and vice versa. I'd like to play with what there is and what there might be, would like to guide the observer’s look to both sides.

In my most recent works I have added another dimension to originally flat fabrics. The mere change in the number of segments creates the most varying forms.